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06 Jul

Cross training

Instead of an easy run today, I chose to take the bike out for a session climbing hills. There is something else pleasant about getting on my Kona cyclocross bike compared to my Cannondale mountain bike. The cyclocross bike is still much more responsive. It is a really pleasant riding experience on the road. Wanted a hills session to […]

28 Mar

Back to basics…

Have taken a few weeks of from running as I seemed to have a really stubborn cold. Did a Junior Parkrun with my son, partly to see what a Junior run was like and partly to got some fresh air. Found a good, flat course and it was only 1 and a half laps. Having […]

03 Feb

Evening or morning running?….

When I am away from home, I have tended to have an early run. I have found a nice little 6 km route. The last two morning runs have been a real struggle. Not sure if this has been due to me starting the run so quickly after waking up or something else. Got to […]

01 Feb

Parkrun Pacer event drove me to a PB…. just

The morning of the pacer event, I was still uncertain which pacer to follow. Do I follow the 26 minute man and safely hit a PB or really push myself and try to follow the 24 minute man? Left the house for the event and it was raining with a side order of cold wind… […]

30 Jan

Struggle running continues….

Did another early morning run yesterday but struggled even more. I think the problem lies in trying to run so early and so quickly after waking up. I will see if there is a bit more in the tank when I do a Parkrun this weekend. I hope to take part in a pacer event […]

27 Jan

Struggle run…..

Work up this morning to a small run before work. I have found a nice 6km route that goes round a harbour and then follows a river. Wasn’t sure if the weather was going to cause a problem as the last time I ran this route I was under dressed and suffered as a result. […]

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