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31 Jan


31 Jan

Alternative movies

Love this page!

11 Oct


07 Oct

Leave me

A little Stumble before bed and found this.  wow!!!

29 Sep

Famous person has died

ANOTHER clip found via stumble, this is just a little comic strip.  You have gussed that I am cleaning up my bookmarks of all the funny little things I found and meant to post but never got round to doing…..

29 Sep

Creepy cartoons

Another site found via stumble,  this one is a collection of strange and slightly creepy cartoons, twisting a familiar theme.

29 Aug

The front fell off

Some people are stupid. Then there are some people who are REALLY stupid.  And then there are politicians…. I find the link on stumble.

24 Feb

Bike Maintenance guide

I found this on stumble and will give it a good look when I get some spare time.

24 Feb

Burger King Police

I know that ordering can be hard but phoning the police???

29 Jan

Comic Humour

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