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10 Mar

12.10 to 13.04?

I have been a long term Ubuntu user. I initially started using Linux from buying a boxed edition of Mandrake then migrating to boxed editions of SUSE. I never really felt 100% at home with any distro until Ubuntu. In hindsight, this might have been due to various elements still needing work e.g. audio and […]

17 Jan

Lucid upgrade

just starting the upgrade pathway on my laptops.  I will hold off on the main PC for a while longer.

14 Nov

Karmic issues….fixed!

After flirting with various other linux distros, I returned to karmic and found a whole heap of new problems…..  But I posted to the forums and I have with the assistance of hlep from the forums, fixed them!!!!  Thats one nil to the community!

26 Oct

Filing my CUPS bug

I tried to file a bug report on my CUPS problem today.  And failed to find the page after looking for thirty minutes.  As one of the major points of launchpad is bugs, I expected the link to submit a bug to be to find. No. Even when I went to the CUPS section I […]

21 Oct

Karmic on my 64 bit home system

I have taken the plunge and started the upgrade on my home system…. It did hang on the first attempt after package download but all seems fine at the moment.

17 Oct

Karmic update

Well.  I having been having issues with flash on karmic.  Installed swfdec-mozilla and gnash and it seemed to sort things out.  Not too sure which one fixed the issue, I think swfdec-mozilla did.  The Adobe flash installer did not do anything for me.  Might be due to Karmic being in beta still.  The Adobe site […]

12 Oct


Running karmic on my laptop at the moment.  I know it is only beta but I thought I would give it a try.  Some changes are taking a bit of getting used to e.g. going from pidgin to empathy.  I can understand the change as empathy has a road plan for video etc but no […]

23 Oct


As the upgrade to Gutsy was so successful and I have Compiz working fine on my main PC, I thought I would give it a go on my laptop….. Lots of huffing and puffing with the various options and not a glint of cube goodness… Seems that I have a fairly poor driver loaded and […]

21 Oct

Gutsy upgrade update

The update is finished and appears so far to be problem free. There were loads of “Do you want to keep xxxxxx or replace with the maintainers file?”. As far as i know, I have only ever changed my bash profile and my php.ini file. So no real issue. On start up, I did notice […]

20 Oct

Upgrade update

It seems that the reason for my large update is that my laptop runs ubuntu AND kubuntu, so it needs to update kde and gnome.

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