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25 Oct

Karmic update

Well I didn’t work out for me on my 64 bit beast.  It might have been a partial upgrade glitch or a flaw in karmic. My laser neved worked properley post upgrade.  I tried a varierty of things to fix and nothing worked.  The RC live disk also fails to work so I think it […]

21 Oct

Karmic on my 64 bit home system

I have taken the plunge and started the upgrade on my home system…. It did hang on the first attempt after package download but all seems fine at the moment.

20 Oct

Upgrade update

It seems that the reason for my large update is that my laptop runs ubuntu AND kubuntu, so it needs to update kde and gnome.

20 Oct

Ubuntu upgrade

Just starting the upgrade to Gutsy……bit worried by the notice that says I have 1111 mb to download…..and 1515 files……..Will post more details as and when they become available.

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