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19 Feb

Warm Bodies

Had an infrequent grown up trip to the cinema recently. Missed the chance to see Argo so it was a bit of a discussion to find something we both liked the look of. We eventually opted for Warm Bodies. The film deals with the consequences of a zombie outbreak. Humanity seems to have found a […]

15 Aug

When zombies attack…

Every now and again, I worry about zombies. I worry about how I should protect my family from the inevitable zombie attack…  It seems that I am not the only person worried by the prospect of zombie attack.  Wired is carrying an article about the mathematics of a zombie outbreak.  The orginal research can be […]

03 Jun

Zombie onslaught

I recently had the good fortune to catch up with some of my friends and the conversation slowly turned towards my plans for the inevitable zombie onslaught….  Well, I felt rather red faced as I hadn’t much of a plan.  It seems that I have swallowed the government propaganda proclaiming that zombies are not a […]

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